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That was an winter evening, me and one of my friend were traveling by a bus. There was nothing special to speak about as we were just going back home from university. It was like a normal day but something was a li’l abnormal. Now in Calcutta we are having so many facilities. There are new buses (some of the people is calling them “sundori”), all old monsters are gone , some of the middle age monsters are being seen. We were in a new bus (not a “sundori” but new EUROII). There was usual number of reserved seats marked as SENIOR CITIZEN , HANDICAPPED .It was expected that there are seats denoting MALE and FEMALE. But we found MALE was written as MEAL and FEMALE as FEMEAL…
Some of the other passengers were talking about the thing and laughing , we did too. But some how it was striking me. Is this the way we are called educated civilized? Is the society clean and calm enough so that we would sleep ? Is this the right party time ? have we been prepared to follow al those? I travel by bus everyday to the university and cross B.T.road . I can find at least 200 to 300 people , inhibiting roadside. I am proud to be a student , a teacher and perhaps an Indian . I like to enjoy my life .Like to dream , cry and be happy , but what about them ? The MALE or MEAL could not make any change in their facial expressions, it all the same . We are giving the help by providing a BPL card , but truly is it sufficient ? Did we do enough for them ? I am just wishing , but is it all I can do? I don’t know what to do. But it is haunting me somehow -A male on d roadside is preparing his meal in a bowl just next a huge dustbin ..
I know the social equilibrium is an utopian concept but is it hard to provide them the basic needs ? It is a crime to provide parties and disco’s in a country where almost 2/3rd of the total population is below poverty level . What is the purposes of scientific researches ? To enrich country’s proud feeling , to make the civilization moving on? But it is not the right way to think I am civilized. We are not WE without the 2/3rd or India’s population.
It is a winter morning to wish all Merry Christmas!
We are having plans to enjoy the day 25th December . Just think a while and make a real wish what we can provide them . I am also thinking , as it is the moment to make changes and take resolutions that can change our surrounding and our lives also..
Merry Christmas …



  1. yeah completely agree and can feel your fix eventualy I wrote some thing like this in my blog is :

    but you know we cant do anything at these stage all we can do is just see

  2. I know this unsettling feeling. I know. Everything somehow boils down to the problem of population explosion, I feel.

  3. its time we rethink…do we really need IDEOLOGIES to take care of the basic needs of our people?Do we really need political parties and their log of rules and beliefs to make sure that no one goes hungry in our country,no one dies untreated and no one sleeps under the sky? Believer or atheist,capitalist or communist..we don’t need memorandums and affiliations to know what human beings need to survive.I fail to understand the political spirit of our country.I just fail to understand.

  4. Hi Adrija,

    Very nice to read these pieces out of your pen. Guess it’s been long since I’ve read anything from you. Anyway, wonderful words and thoughts. Keep it up…:)

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